Hi-def Manila
Professional HD Video Equipment Rentals and Production Services.

Hidef Video Productions in the Philippines made easier. This is what we do best.

When you're done shooting. HiDef Manila shows you great things to make HD Production more fun in the

We work hard and we play hard as well. That's why we've decided to get into the production / filmmaking business. Otherwise, we would have become extremely rich bean-counters.
There are loads of stuff to do while in the Philippines. We can point you to the right direction or we can even accompany you while you're at it.
Whether it's shopping, going out to the best club in town, singing at the Rockeoke, jumping off a cliff (on a paraglider), Scuba Diving, wake boarding or simply getting a decent run, we can hook you up with those activities. Some of them are just within Makati City whilst others are a car-ride away or a short plane trip.
Shooting is more fun in the Philippines :)